A Message From Mayor Nancy Harris

The City of Duluth is aware of peaceful protests scheduled to take place on Friday, June 5 from 2:30-6:30pm in Downtown Duluth and we wanted to take this opportunity to let our community know that we stand up with you against systemic racism. We know that members of our diverse community are hurting. We understand that to end the oppression of our African-American population we must unite as a singular force to take action and we will continue to do so throughout all levels of our local government.

We pride ourselves on having a well-trained police force to protect our citizens while showing compassion to people of all races. Our police force has training and protocols in place to ensure that all interactions with those that reside in and visit our community are conducted with professionalism and respect. Now more than ever, we will continue to put an emphasis on building strong and sustainable relationships between our law enforcement officers and citizens/visitors.

Duluth Chief of Police Randy Belcher released a statement stating: “I believe that the greatest strength of Duluth is its people.  The people who live or operate their businesses here in Duluth care about their community, and they care about each other.  I believe that it takes a partnership between police and citizens, with open lines of communication, to keep our community safe and to create an environment where people can live without fear.  We value the support of our citizens and we are willing to partner with the community in any way we can to encourage and continue these positive relationships, especially during these challenging times.”

We want you to be confident that the Constitutional rights of every person that lives, works or plays in our City is protected.

We see you. We hear you. We support you.


Mayor Nancy Harris


  1. Thank you, I was a resident of Duluth for 20 years. I love this city, and it is still a big part of my life.

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