Local HotSpot: Vom Fass & Violas’


Vom Fass and Violas’ is one of the newest shops in Downtown Duluth and they offer a wide selection of oils, vinegars, spices, soup and rice mixes, gourmet foods and wine. With knowledgeable staff, this food lover’s boutique is great for those who love to cook and those who are still learning to play with flavors! They are also experts at helping you find the perfect gift for any occasion.

What makes this shop unique is that they are always giving their guests a customized experience. Whether that is through private after-hours events, wine tasting or experimenting and sampling the products in store, you can guarantee you are in for a one-of-a-kind experience. Have you ever tried Pumpkin Seed Oil and Sea Salt on ice cream? Or White Truffle Oil and parmesan cheese on popcorn? If not, you better run to Vom Fass!

Bonus! Mention “Local HotSpot” at your next visit and receive 10% off your first purchase (excluding wine).

You can find Vom Fass and Violas’ at:

3131A Main Street, Duluth, GA 30096

Online: https://www.vomfassusa.com/

Facebook & Instagram: @VomFassDuluth

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Local HotSpot: Spool School

Spool School is a sewing and craft studio in Downtown Duluth for absolute beginners and social sewists alike and they are one of the few sewing studios of their kind OTP! They work to create a non-intimidating, fun environment to learn needle arts through a variety of useful make and take projects by offering classes, workshops, camps and parties. What makes them unique is their skill at bridging the generational gap with relevant projects in a beautiful, relaxed environment. And don’t forget to show off your newly made projects in their brand-new photo station! Your friends and followers will be amazed at your skills (and their giant scissors and spools.)

When asked what they love most about being in Duluth Owner, Jamie Stepic responded with “I’ve lived and worked in Duluth for a long time, waiting tables (and meeting my husband) at Park Cafe and coordinating events at Payne-Corley House. I love the community here and the great support from City of Duluth. Relocating my business here was a huge priority for me.”

Bonus! Mention the code word “HOTSPOT” and receive 20% off the 4 week Into to Sewing (adults) or Stich School (kids)

You can find them at:

3112 Main St. Ste. 50, Duluth, GA, 30096 (Below Duluth Yoga)

Facebook & Instagram: @spoolschool

Online: www.spoolschool.com

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Local HotSpot: Planned Pethood of GA

Planned Pethood is the only low-cost high-volume spay-neuter clinic in Gwinnett County and they see nearly 200 animal for survey per week. They offer a 360-degree approach to protecting the health and security of pets with proactive life-saving solutions and have spayed/neutered 55,000 cats and dogs since they opened their doors in 2010.

One of Planned Pethood’s main goals in to ensure everyone can afford to keep their pets healthy and at home. To do this, they offer low-cost vaccinations and spay/neuter services to anyone in need. They also offer free community cat assistance and humane trap rentals. If you are looking to add any new furry friends to your family, the team at Planned Pethood also facilitates pet adoptions.

When asked what they love most about being in Duluth, Planned Pethood responded with: “We love working together with other Duluth businesses. It is great to form relationships with neighbors and work with local businesses that give back! Almost every business in downtown Duluth has helped our organization in some way. We are so lucky to have so many friends!”

Fun Fact: Planned Pethood has lobby cats you can visit while you are there! There is never a dull moment in their lobby!

Special Promotion: Make sure to visit the vaccine clinic on February 1 from 9am to 1pm for low-cost vaccinations, heartworm testing, flea medication and microchips.

Where you can find them: 2860 Buford Highway, Duluth, GA 30096

Online: www.PEThoodGA.org

Facebook: @PlannedPEThoodGA

Instagram: @plannedpethood

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