Duluth launches Gwinnett’s First “Geotour”


People from all over the world will get a chance to learn something unique about the City of Duluth in an exciting and new way. The City of Duluth will host their very own Geotour entitled “Caching Duluth” which will be significant in nature as it highlights different areas of Duluth that are historic, playful, educational, and fun.

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Join the conversation on TRANSPORTATION


What is The Great Exchange on Transportation & why is it important?

The Great Exchange (#thegr8exchange) is a grassroots effort in Gwinnett bringing people together to discuss one of the most pressing issues facing our community today: Transportation. A lot of people have been talking about what Gwinnett needs to do when it comes to transportation. The week of August 24th, Gwinnett  residents and workers will have an opportunity to speak for themselves.

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