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What is The Great Exchange on Transportation & why is it important?

The Great Exchange (#thegr8exchange) is a grassroots effort in Gwinnett bringing people together to discuss one of the most pressing issues facing our community today: Transportation. A lot of people have been talking about what Gwinnett needs to do when it comes to transportation. The week of August 24th, Gwinnett  residents and workers will have an opportunity to speak for themselves.

Why do we need a conversation on transportation?

The way we move and reach the places we live, work and love shapes our everyday lives. The Great Exchange is about beginning fresh, new conversations to create a common vision for how we want to connect the people and places that matter to us most. This a first-of-its kind effort to bring people from all over Gwinnett County together to share their views on the future of their community and the role transportation plays in shaping that future.

When and where is it happening?

During the week of August 24th, conversations about transportation will occur every day all over Gwinnett County — in coffee shops, in restaurants, in homes and in communities. We’ll collect thoughts and ideas through a simple eight-question text survey.  TEXT “JOIN” to 74029.

Call to Action!  

  • Visit: to pledge to have a conversation about transportation and to volunteer to help spread the word.
  • Text “Join” to 74029 and answer 8 simple questions about transportation in Gwinnett
  • Forward this email to 5 additional people who you know are interested in transportation in Gwinnett.




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