Downtown Duluth Open Container Zone

Did you know that the downtown entertainment district is an open container zone? This means that you can purchase alcohol to-go from any of our licensed downtown merchants to enjoy as you hang out on the green, stroll down Main Street or catch up with friends in Parsons Alley. However, alcohol cannot be brought from home or a merchant outside of the entertainment district highlighted on the map below.

Map of Downtown Duluth open container zone.
Map of Downtown Duluth open container zone.

This code applies to most City-sponsored events as well. Currently, the only events in which you can bring your own alcohol for consumption to Downtown Duluth are Summer Stage Concerts. Events in which alcohol can be brought from home will be categorized as “Open Zone” events and this will be noted on the City of Duluth event webpage.

For more information, please check out Sec. 3-268 of the Municode.

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