Street Sweepers Are Coming

The City’s street sweeping contractor will return to sweep City streets beginning Monday, November 13th, and will sweep nightly.

We anticipate that it will take approximately four to six weeks to complete the entire City. Staff will begin posting “Temporary No Parking Signs” along the streets at least 24 hours prior to street sweeping.

Help us keep our waterways clean. When the street sweepers are in your area, please remember to do the following:

Move vehicles off the street between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM

Remove garbage, recycling, and yard waste containers from the street

Trim low-hanging branches and bushes near the street to provide street sweepers complete access

Dispose of leaves and lawn debris properly, and do not blow them into the streets or drains

Why does the City sweep the streets?

Enhance the appearance of the entire community

Prevent street dirt, debris, trash, and other pollutants from polluting our streams

Prevent clogging of storm drain catch basins

Promote compliance with our NPDES regulations

For more information, contact the Stormwater Division at 770-497-5311.


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