Street Sweepers are Coming!!!


Street sweeping is environmentally “cool.”  Street sweepers play an important role in cleaning up litter and preventing pollutants from entering the environment. They are responsible for an important part of preventative maintenance programs to help remove pollutants from storm water systems. Imagine your storm water drains filled with this:

  • Oil, grease, metals and coolants from vehicles
  • Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals from gardens and homes
  • Bacteria from pet wastes and failing septic systems
  • Soil from construction sites and other bare ground
  • Soaps from car or equipment washing
  • Accidental spills, leaky storage containers, and whatever else ends up on the ground

That can eventually end up in our water (streams, lakes, and rivers ) and harm or kills fish and other wildlife. But no need to worry because street sweeper are coming back. They will be back the week of March 28th in for a week. There will be a break from April 1-9 and then they will start back on April 10th. It should take approximately 8 weeks to completely sweep the City streets.

You can help us keep our waterways clean when the street sweepers are in your area:

  • Move vehicles off the street between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM
  • Remove garbage, recycling, and yard waste containers from the street
  • Trim low-hanging branches and bushes near the street to provide street sweepers complete access
  • Please dispose of leaves and lawn debris properly, do not blow them into the streets or drains

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