The Duluth Amnesty Program Returns

The City of Duluth Amnesty Program is back! Starting January 8, 2024, if you or someone you know has been living with the weight of FTA warrants or FTA license suspensions, this is a great opportunity to get those taken care of. The program is designed to help individuals resolve their outstanding fines and legal matters by providing options to either pay fines or schedule a court appearance before a judge dispose of their case. Please note: some citations require a mandatory court appearance.

To participate, you can:

  • Visit the Duluth Municipal Court at 3276 Buford Highway,
  • Call 770.623.2771
  • Email

Don’t let the past hold you back – seize this opportunity to make things right and start afresh. The City of Duluth is here to support its community members on their journey to a brighter and more secure future. This program will run through April 30, 2024.

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