Get to Know Mayor Whitlock

Mayor Greg Whitlock took office earlier this year, so let’s get to know him better! In this special edition of 6 Facts in 60 Seconds, Mayor Whitlock shares some fun details – like, did you know he’s a huge Star Wars nerd?


But wait, there’s more! Dive into the exclusive Q&A session below to discover Mayor Whitlock’s vision for Duluth. From community outreach to economic development, Mayor Whitlock is ready to lead our city to new heights.

Q: What specific initiatives or aspirations/goals do you have as you begin your term as Mayor?

Mayor Whitlock: I would like to start a regular outreach to the community to hear what the residents and businesses appreciate and what they feel may be missing or is needed in the community. I would also like to focus resources on economic development to bring higher wage jobs to the community and to have the jobs located within walking distance to our downtown as well as to attract businesses to the Rivergreen business corridor. Finally, I would like to evaluate walkability in our community and to make it more bike friendly as well.


Q: How do you plan to continue to build positive relationships with the community?

Mayor Whitlock: I plan to start a neighborhood outreach program for Mayor and Council. I would like to incorporate visibility of the elected officials at City events and functions around town. I also plan to reach out to our business community to build the relationship necessary to engage and support our businesses.


Q: What would you like to accomplish over the next year?

Mayor Whitlock: My plan is to start 2024 with establishing the vision of the City and to get a consensus of Council. I would like to share this vision with the citizens and businesses for affirmation or correction. Once the vision is unified among the community, start executing. My goal is to unify behind the idea that Duluth’s future is to become the number 1 city where families and businesses thrive.


Q: How do you feel your time on council prepared you for your new role as Mayor?

Mayor Whitlock: I couldn’t imagine stepping into the role of Mayor and not already being familiar with how a City operates. Understanding the role of the City and the restrictions that Cities have to operate within. Knowing the City’s departments, operations, funding, projects, and issues allows me to be more effective and responsive sooner. It allows me to already understand the challenges that need to be addressed and I am already aware of what the City has tried to resolve these challenges. Plus, I am lucky enough to have worked with the current Council, which makes our relationship stronger as we had trust among each other on day one.


Q: What current or upcoming city project/initiative are you most excited about?

Mayor Whitlock: I am excited to help Duluth enter the next phase of our development. The goal is to be economically sustainable for all people and all businesses. Our downtown was the nucleus to stabilizing our community economically. We now have thriving businesses in our downtown – making it a destination for people and organizations. The activity in our downtown makes homes more desirable with a walkable distance to our City center. The next phase for Duluth is to have this level of success all over, not just in our downtown district. Businesses have been looking to locate in Duluth, but there has been no professional offices available and there are areas of our City that are not walkable/bikeable, but could be. There is just so much that goes into this plan, which is focused on what Duluth will look like in 10 to 30 years from today.


Q: And finally, where do you see Duluth in 10 years?

Mayor Whitlock: Simple. I see Duluth being the #1 community to live, work, please, eat, and shop.

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